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I was born in Athens in 1965. I studied physics at the  Physicomathematical School of Athens (1983-86) and philosophy in Paris VIII University of Paris (1986-1990). Finally I entered the University of Fine Arts of Athens, where I studied sculpture and took my degree in T. Papagiannis’s workshop (2000-2006). I attended sculpture courses in Stelios Triantis workshop (1992-1993) and jewellery courses in Akis Goumas workshop (2008-2010).
I work with municipalities and museums teaching pottery and painting, to children and adults.
I participated in sculpture symposiums. I also take part in group excibitions.
I joined in the sculptors team “Armatura” (2010-2015) where I worked for the renovation of museums and restoration of Byzantine churches.
Sculpture Symposiums
  • 2003 Vicenza “ Scultura in Pietra”
  • 2006 Skyros “ Conversations”
Team Exhibitions
  • 2005 Union of Isparta ofAsia Minor, 30 years of Action
  • 2006 Zoni Peramatos, Humans + Colors + Iron
  • 2006 “Child” Chagikiriakio Institution
  • 2007 “…by reason of an exhibition…”, Melina Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens
  • 2007 “Coffeearts” by Neskafe
  • 2008 “Child”, Pedon Hospital
  • 2012 “Time in Art”, Charokopion University
  • 2015 E.E.D.I.E. (The great committee for the international Detente and Peace) “Melina” Cultural Centre
  • 2016 Gioielli in Fermento 2016
Restoration Works
  • 2009 Amfissa, Byzantine Church Metamorphosis Sotiros, work for the restoration of the marble icon screen.
  • 2013 Museum of Tegea, replacement of marble works of art
  • 2014 Messinia, Byzantine Church Metamorphosis Sotiros, restoration works of the marble door


Statement about my work

Αrt as a tool of self knowledge, a creator of universal values.

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